Thursday, March 1, 2012

Wanted: Richmond Food blogger; pays $50,000


I would totally apply for this, but I haven't been actively blogging for the last few months.  Well, there are far more qualified food bloggers than me anyway.  Thought I'd post this for what few readers I have left, and thanks Gigi for letting me know about this!

I'll be back in the game soon as I just finished up a very busy few months, working weekdays and weekends.


Wanted: Food blogger. Pays $50,000 for a year, plus a daily dining-out stipend for two.

Tourism Richmond has put out the call and believe it or not, it’s for real.

Before every single soul who reads this quits their job and applies, think about it. The job requires 365 consecutive restaurant meals. Yay! you say? Regardless, applicants should have a hummingbird metabolism.

And to further combat a bulging middle section, Tourism Richmond will throw in a year’s membership to the Richmond Olympic Oval’s fitness centre.

The initiative follows market research that showed Asian cuisine and culture topped what attracted visitors to the city.

“There’s been a lot of buzz lately and we decided to capitalize on it,” says Kirsten McKenzie, communication specialist at Tourism Richmond.

“We’re looking for a good communicator who can effectively share their experience. It’s not just written content, it’s photography and video and being a spokesperson for Richmond. That person will have to be friendly, outgoing and approachable and have a love of cuisine. The important thing is, if they’re not well-versed in Asian cuisine, they should be adventurous.”

If this sounds like you, apply for the job online via Tourism Richmond’s Facebook page:

Applications will be accepted from March 1 to 31.

“This is a genuine candidate search,” Tourism Richmond says to those who disbelieve.

“We know we have some of the best Asian cuisine on the globe and this is the ideal time to showcase it — all of it,” says Tourism Richmond chief executive Tracy Lakeman.

Richmond has over 800 restaurants; more than half of them serve Asian cuisine.

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