Friday, January 22, 2010

Edokko Sushi - Part 1

Nothing compares. Two words that pretty much sums up Edokko Sushi. I seriously doubt there is any better sushi restaraunt on the planet and I make it a point to eat there whenever I go through Narita. Unfortunately, I do not have the contact details of the restaraunt except that it's located in Narita, about 5 minutes walk from the station. If I remember correctly, I leave the station and hang a right, walk towards pedestrian bridge/overpass and there it is on the right side. I'll update this info as soon a I can.

I was first introduced to this restaraunt by my friend Mariko, who works for Air Canada in Japan. We met before the takeover, during the good ol' days of Canadian Airlines. She took me and a few friends there sometime in 1999 I think and I've been hooked ever since.

Everything is large, and a little over the top - fresh, as if it just left Tsukiji market. If you sit at the bar, your meal is generally served right on the bar. To me, this is the best seat in the house, because the chef is right there, and they can tell exactly what you want to eat.
Ikura, one of my favourites.

It's hard to tell from this picture, but this ebi is just massive. It was the size of a small lobster.
Anago, similar to the mouth-watering goodness of unagi.
You don't want to know what this is.
My last meal on earth would have to include prime rib from the Keg, foie gras, and uni from Edokko Sushi. There must have been uni from an entire sea urchin in this peice.
Kani sushi, often replaced here in North America with some processed fish paste that's made to look like crab meat. This is the real deal people, and you'll never taste anything like it....also it was huge.

Edokko Sushi - Part 2

Jun Ramen - The Best Ramen in the World

I posted these pictures a long time ago, but haven't done a write up, but for the record, I have not had a better bowl of ramen outside of Niigata, Japan.  There's a small chain shop called Jun Ramen that requires my special attention every time I go to Japan.


I always get the same thing everytime I go - Miso chashu ramen.  It's perfect - that's probably the best way to describe it. 

I've been to Japan over 25 times and I've probably been to Jun ramen about 20 times.  The last time I checked, it looks like they're can only hope they make it across the water, but we'll see.

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