Friday, April 24, 2009

McDonald's has discontinued my favourite drink.

I am so *ucking pissed right now, it's unbelievable. I just went through a McDonald's drive thru and found out they discontinued their orange "drink". Now I'm not talking about their orange juice or Orange Crush. It was their own powdery concoction that tasted like sweetened Tang. And what did they replace it with? Coke Zero. WTF. Does the world really need another Coke?

I can't believe they discontinued it! I've been drinking this stuff since Sports Day when I was in elementary school and I've had very fond memories of it. I'm raging right now and I had to post my thoughts right this moment. Over the last few years, it really has been the only reason that's kept me going to McDonald's. I'd take a Burger King Whopper any day of the week, and now it seems that I have to. I don't think McDonald's is going to miss my business, but I will not return to Rotten Ronnie's until my orange "drink" comes back.


*Update Aril 27th, 2009*

I swore I would never go back, but I did. About a week after swearing I'd never go back, I found myself lining up with the other lemmings, and couldn't help overhearing what some of the other customers were saying when they found out there was no more orange drink. There was a bit of a revolt which led to the night manager providing us with the phone number of head office. She said that if enough people complained, they may just bring it back.

Now I don't normally do this, but I am pleading all of you who've had you sweet childhood memories of sportsday or hamburger day robbed by that sadistic clown. Bring back the orange drink! Call McDonald's at:

Toronto: (416) 446-3932
Vancouver: (604) 293-4834
Montreal: (514) 421-4881
**Please sign the petition!!**

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Dad, the gyoza king.

I swear, my dad makes the best pot stickers/gyoza. He used to even make the skin from scratch, but it's time consuming and you can get skins for so cheap nowadays, there's no point. I think he uses a combo of ground pork, and fish ball paste and some other stuff. I actually haven't learned his recipe...too busy eating I guess.

He always makes about a hundred or so, bags them and throws them in the freezer for later. On the frying pan for X amount of time (again, too busy eating) and there you go, perfect pot stickers.

Get a little soy sauce, vinegar, sesame oil and chili oil and you're set.

G-Men Raman - Decent ramen in Richmond!

I'm kind of jumping out of sequence here, but I had to share this info now. Up until now, I've been pretty much posting pictures in cronological order of when I took the pictures, and I think I was in the middle of 2004. But I thought I would mix it up a little and show you something I found last week. As some may know already, I love ramen. I've been in search for a decent ramen shop in the lower mainland for a while now, and so far, have never come up with anything as good as what I've experienced in Japan. When I mean good, I mean that I will go out in the middle of the night to get my fix. Sadly, no shops around here give me that feeling. Some come close, and there are in fact three shops around town that I will go to if I've got the craving, but not enough to choose ramen over something like prime rib. There's only one shop so far that would make me do that, and that shop is in Nagaoka, Japan. Anyway, here's a new addition to my little list of decent ramen shops around town......yeah, I know, I haven't posted pictures of the others yet, but I'll get to it one of these days. G-Men Ramen shop, I think a subsidiary of Gyoza King. You can find it on the corner of Sexmith and Cambie in Richmond. It's funny, it used to be the location of a bubble tea shop called Jack's Loft, and I used to waste many dollars there on bubble tea. G-Men ramen is pretty good, and I've been there twice now. This photo is of Miso Ramen with extra chashu. Apologies for the poor quality pictures, they were taken with my phone. I'll post better pictures next time I get a chance.

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