Monday, August 31, 2009

Steak at Jay's

Alright readers (there are only two of you right?), it's really time to get off my lazy buttocks and get back to this blog and what it's really I have this buddy of mine who shares my passion for all things beef and dead cow. We love our steaks. Anyway, back in March he had me over for a couple of steaks and here are a couple of shots.

My pathetic contribution was bacon wrapped asparagus (did I spell that right?) and bacon wrapped enoki mushrooms, panfried.

Knifeboy cleaning the slab of meat that would be our dinner.Cooked to rare....not for everybody.

Look at the marbling on that home-cooked steak, gorgeous. Today is August 31, but I think I will dedicate September as "Steak Month" All my posts for September will be steak and all things beef. Look forward to more pictures of this assault on the vegetable kingdom

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