Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dang Man Coul - order their kalbi

While digging through some old photos, I stumbled upon this little treasure that I had at a restaraunt called Ma Dang Coul located on Denman Street in Vancouver, BC. The dish is called Kalbi and it's basically beef short rib marinated in this magical sauce that tastes like.......happy. This little mom and pop style Korean restaraunt has some of the best kalbi I've ever had.

Of course, you get the usual assortment of side dishes like these sweet potatoes, kimchee, pickled radishes, pickled bean sprouts, seaweed etc.

Although I said September would be steak month, I'll throw in a little pork for variation. This is pork belly and essentially, you take it, throw it on a hot pan like so:

Then you take lettuce, throw in some kind of salty bean past, a clove of garlic (raw) and wrap that sucker up and eat it. It's simple, but tasty.

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