Monday, November 23, 2009

Some damn fine steak

My buddy Jay is a fantastic chef, and whenever I'm over at his place, there's always something good to eat. Whether it's him cooking something up, or something his parents made, no matter what, I'm always well fed when I go there, even if I'm already full and can't eat anymore. Jay's dad happens to be Alexander Wan, executive chef at a pretty fancy place called Steveston Seafood house:
This place has won so many awards and is one of the best seafood restaraunts in the lower mainland, if not all of B.C., and they have Jay's pop to thank for it.
Here are a few shots I took with my crappy phone camera....these shots really don't do justice to the meal I had that day. Nevermind all that fancy $hit, no fancy side-veg, no au jus drizzle, no 16 inch dinner plate, just one of the juciest, succulent steaks on earth, served fresh in the kitchen, no frills, just meat and a potato, prepared by one of the finest chefs known to mankind. Thanks uncle!

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