Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Keg - Guildford (Surrey)

A couple of nights before Eric went back to the Philipines.....or was it before I went to Japan?  Anyway, not too long ago, we went with Jay to the Keg in Surrey.  I was on a diet (still am) so I told myself to stay away from the bread, the appies, skip the fried stuff and no deserts.  Of course, these two bastards would never let me have my way and the next thing I know, I'm saying to hell with the diet and started shovelling bread, crab cakes and deep fried calamari down my neck, polished off with a Keg Size Prime Rib and a Billy Miner's Pie for good measure. 

The two instigators.

The lovely sourdough bread I said I wasn't going to eat, but did (and nearly using up all the whipped butter in the process).

Eric doing.....God knows what, haha!

I had the crab cakes once before (at the Richmond Keg), and I found them overseasoned.  The server told me that it was because they use Dungeness crab meat which is cookedin salt water.  I think she didn't know what she was talking about, but didn't bother arguing the point.  These ones, on the other hand were perfectly seasoned, and I didn't find myself chasing them down with a gallon of water.  (I don't mean to trash The Keg in Richmond, I've always had good experiences there.  I think the Prime Ribs there, especially the Omega, are are suspiciously cut larger than spec).

What's the best way to lose weight?  Eat high-in-cholesterol deep fried squid of course.  These were a bit spicy, and the dipping sauce was a perfect compliment mixed with sweet and spicy.  We didn't leave even a single crumb.

Eric again....showing us his expertise at pleasing calamari, haha!

The pork back ribs were good, but not as good as mine, haha!

Of course this is something I could not replicate at home, The Keg Size Prime Rib.  Hand-crafted in heaven by *insert favouriet diety here*, this succulant peice of beef has almost no rival.  Anyway, if you've read my other posts about The Keg, then you're probably bored to death of my worshipping this fine peice of beef, but there really is no other comparison for the same price point.  The Keg in Guildford delivered it to me exactly as I asked, fat and bloody, and it tasted every bit as good as I expected. 

Remember that Drinking and Driving commerical way back when?

Eric at the end of his limit......just kidding, there's till pie.

Usually I can't eat anymore after the Prime Rib, but lately, I've developed a liking for this desert.  Billy Miner pie.  It's probably nothing you want to eat on your own, and it is big enough to share with several people because it's not overly sweet or rich, despite the appearance. 

Our experience at The Keg in Guildford was awesome as expected.  The staff were attentive, friendly, and there whenever we needed anyone, the food was oustanding as usual, and we would definitely go back.  I guess the only issue is, I'm not often in Surrey :)

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  1. everything looks so good, if it were me I'd say to hell with the diet for a night as well!

  2. My favourite dessert at the Keg is the billy miner pie! I would disagree on sharing though LOL

    1. Haha, yeah, I could pretty much eat a whole slice by myself, in fact, I've done just that on my last two visits to the Keg :)


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