Thursday, March 5, 2009

I love oysters

I love oysters, just like the title says. I can eat oysters in just about any form, whether they're raw, steamed, baked, deep fried, scrabbled in eggs, or whatever. I just love oysters. I found these ones here in a restaraunt called Fisherman's Village in Steveston village. The restaraunt is no longer there, but I had good memories of the place. Here we've got these huge oysters, very fresh, and steamed to perfection with some minced garlic, black bean sauce, and green onions. Here are a some more steamed in with green onions, ginger and garlic. The sauce is basicall a bit of soy suace, sugar, and cooking wine. I was a complete pig that night and I think I must have had about a dozen of these monsters by myself.
One of my dad's favourites is a mix of stuff cooked in a stone pot. This one had tofu, Chinese BBQ pork, squid, prawns, scallops, and a bunch of other stuff.
According to my parents, honey garlic spareribs is right up there with sweet and sour pork and chop suey.......made for westerners. Oh well, whatever, tastes good to me. This place made it really good because the pork was very tender on the inside, and very crispy on the outside, even when drowned in honey garlic sauce. It's really too bad this place isn't around anymore.
More oysters, of the deep fried variety. This plate was just for me.
With all the oysters I had, I smelled like the ocean the next day. One of these days, I'll post an awesome recipe for Kaki Motoyaki. If it doesn't stop your heart first, it will defintely blow your mind.

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