Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Alleluia Cafe

Alleluia Cafe has got to be one of the best Hong Kong style cafes in the lower mainland. Apparently, the owner used to own this place called Golden Award, which has since gone out of business. Golden Award was one of the first Hong Kong style cafes I used to frequent. It was kind of a dive, and not particularily clean, but the food was good and prices were cheap. Some damn good HK milk tea too. Anyway, Golden Award was replaced by a place called Silver Tower, which was really crappy. They renovated the restaurant and made it all trendy looking but the food was crap.

I started going to Alleluia and found that their HK Milk tea really was the best I've ever had. The restaurant is relatively clean, though I'd never use their toilets unless I absolutely have to. The service is decent, and it's open until 2AM. Drinks are refillable once, but this is not advertised. I strongly recomment this place as an alternative to western fast food. It really is fast, and there have been times when I would get my meal faster than if I had waited through a McDonald's drive through....and some of these meals are just about the same price as a McDonald's combo nowadays. Better food (and more of it), sit-down service, and almost the same price. When I get some more decent pictures, I'll upload them in another post. Check out some other reviews here. Baked Pork Chop on Rice - $9.25 - This is the dinner size and it comes with a drink and soup of the day. It used to be my favourite, but then, I had a lot of favourites. It's too bad this dish doesn't come with a bit of cheese sprinkled on it, otherwise it would be the way, you'll never finish it.
All Day Mix & Match Special - $9.25 for any three items from a list, served with a choice of steamed rice or spaghetti, plus a choice of sauce from a list, and includes a drink and soup of the day. This one has pork chop cutlet, fish cutlet, and two fried eggs......not the best of choices....
Spaghetti Bolognese - $8.95 - dinner size includes a drink and soup of the day. Another one of my favourites, and since I never finish it, I always have tasty leftovers for lunch.

You can find Alleluia Cafe at 8131 Westminster HwyRichmond, BC, just a bit east of #3 Road. Their telephone number is (604)271-8266 and I think they actually take reservations....but it's really not necessary because it doesn't take long to get served.

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