Wednesday, January 20, 2010


If you're looking for an semi-affordable place to eat that's a little better than Boston Pizza try out Kelsey's. To be honest, I don't think I would voluntarily go there again. They're definitely better than Boston Pizza, but not quite there when compared to places like Cactus Club, Moxie's, or even Milestone's.

Popcorn Shrimp $9.99 - The portions were decent, the coating wasn't too thick, and the dipping sauces were not too bad.

Calamari $9.49 This was downright awful, and for $9.49, we were definitely ripped off. The coating was thick and partially uncooked. For nearly the same price, I would have gladly lined up for an hour outside of Stepho's Souvlaki Greek Taverna in downtown Vancouver.

Side Caesar Salad $3.99 This and the popcorn shrimp were probably the best things I had.

Classic Caesar - forgot the price, but it's pretty hard to screw up this drink. I give this one a pass.

Classic Shrimp Alfredo $15.99 - My friend had this one said it was watery, flavorless, and the noodles were way overcooked. I tried some and to be honest, for a similar price point, I would rather have gone to someplace like Anton's or Italian Tomato

11 oz. AAA New York Strip loin Steak $20.99 - The quality of the meat was A+, and mash potato and side veg were decently cooked, even though it doesn't look particularly appetizing. Only one thing I would have added - salt. There was almost no seasoning whatsoever and everything was extremely bland. I found myself making my own spice rub with the table salt and pepper. For $21 bucks, I paid for a quality peice of meat heated to my liking....self-serve for the flavor.

Molten Lava Cake $6.49 - this dessert didn't taste too bad, and it wasn't horrendously overpriced for what it is. It was simple.....but I wouldn't order it again.

Someone said they didn't understand why Kelsey's has such negative ratings...haha, I read the same thing about another restaurant as well (Little Japan), hilarious.  Simply put, if the ratings are bad, that means a lot of people don't like the place.  Take Kelsey's for example, the rating on Urban Spoon is 29% like it...that means the place sucks - it's not that hard to understand. 

Now, someone commented on my personal feelings about Kelsey's.  They even went to say that even I liked it more than Boston Pizza.....have you read my review on Boston Pizza?  Saying I like Kelsey's more than Boston Pizza isn't really saying much at all.  Why do I loathe Kelsey's?  Well, the calamari was a rip-off, the $16 pasta was watery, flavourless and overcooked, and cost more than a half-decent dish from Anton's or Italian Tomato, and my steak was not's that? 

You want a good meal, don't go to Kelsey's.

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