Sunday, November 27, 2011

George's Souvlaki

Hey all, sorry the posts are coming few and far between....not that anyone is reading this anyway, but I've been pretty busy lately, working m-f and now most weeknds because I'm on course.  Apologies once again for the crap-quality pictures, but my Nikon P100 died on me a few back in September and it's in for warrantee.  I will keep you posted about that as well.  I acquired another camera that I will go in detail about later, but for now, just bear with me and the crappy pics in the few reviews I'm posting.  Once the Christmas holidays rolls around, I'm sure i'll find some time to pay a bit more attention to the blog.
Some time in the middle of September, when it was still warm as if it was summer, I found myself in North Vancouver.  Cruising around the food court, this place caught my eye.  Normally, I would have gone over to Screaming Mimi's for some baked oyster or their chowder, but I was really hungry this day, and needed something filling.  This Greek place looked quite polular (can't tell from the photo) and it looked like they had quite a variety.

I had the moussaka, and though I'm no expert on greek cuisine, I really, really liked this dish. To show my ignorance, the best way for me to describe it was a very rich, creamy shephard's pie. I know, moussaka is typically made from eggplant, but to tell the truth, I would never have guessed. 

It came with a wad of tzatziki sauce and Greek salad, and at first, I wasn't impressed with the portion.  It also took quite some time to get because the slab of moussaka was so thick, it took quite some time to reheat.  Grumbling and waiting for my food, it finally came.  It was worth the wait.  I had a bite of my friend's moussaka from Kissamo's and I remember it tasting really, really good, but I never ordered it myself because it looked like there was so little of it.  I will make a conscious effort to order it the next time I'm there.  Anyway, we're talking about George's here, and let me tell you, I will definitely order this the next time I'm here.  It was so rich and creamy, it's hard to believe that it's not made of mashed potato with a ton of cream, butter and cheese.  And as I said, it didn't look like much, but by the time I was done, I was quite satisfied and full. 

Would I go back?  Definetly the next time I'm in North Van.

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