Thursday, July 12, 2012

Beavertails - Holy %&$# these are good

How is it I was born in Canada, grew up in Canada, yet never experienced eating a beaver...tail?  Haha, all kidding aside, I got to partake in this magical experience for the first time at Lonsdale Quay Public Market.  I've seen people line up for these things, and now I sorta get why.  Apparently, they're not that high in fat and calories (less than a muffin or scone according to them), but something that tastes this good can't be good for you, haha!

I wonder how much fat and calories are in the Nutella one that I had?

So this was my taste of amazing.  I found it was light and fluffy with a thin crispy coating, every bite melting in my mouth, held together only by the generous coating of Nutella.  I could eat a dozen of these.  I can't remember if wheat was the only option, but mine was wheat and it helped assuage my guilt for eating such at thing.  I can't wait to go back, haha!

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