Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Alaskan King Crab at Lucky Tao

God, this should have been posted bak in April or something, haha!  I have really been neglecting this blog since I started that other hobby, but anyways, let's see if I can get back into it.

Alaskan King Crab was in season a few months back and all the Chinese restaurants were having their deals on.  The one we chose to try was Lucky Tao.  I haven't had Alaskan King Crab for ages and to be honest, I can't tell the diff between good quality and bad since I hardly ever have it.  Take dungeness crab meat, throw it in a pool of garlic butter and I doubt I could tell it from Alaskan.  But anyway, here we are at Lucky Tao.

The place was pretty crowded and considering we had a reservation, we still had to wait quite some time well past our reservation time.  The staff worked hurriedly, with no time for idle chit-chat or smiles.

Out waiter brought out a crab to show us that the meat was indeed real, and not pre-frozen.  I had my doubts originally because the tanks were filled to the brim, overcrowded even, with Alaskan King Crabs, yet everyone was ordering Alaskan King Crab.  Then I saw a delivery of live crab brought in unceremoniously through the center of the restaurant and saw that yes, they just had a steady supply crabs.....I know, that sounds weird.

The first course was the legs, all opened up for us and served in this buttery garlic sauce.  There were way too many of us, so I onyl had about two legs.  Garlic and butter is always a good combo, especially when added to just about any seafood, so yeah, it tasted good.  Not sure if it tasted $15.95 per pound good, but it tasted good.  Funny thing was, I swear I didn't get a pound's worth of crab, haha!

The set meal allowed for a side dish so we chose deep fried prawns in seasoning salt.  It was pretty tasty and the prawns were of a decent size.  Good thing everyone else was holding out for the next crab dish so I got most of the prawns, haha!

Some sort of meat and veg, not worth mentioning.

Next was the fried rice served in the crab head.  I honestly didn't detect much crab meat here, and the fried rice was a bit substandard.  And *uck!  What did they do with that gooey stuff some people call crab brains or Kani Miso?  Oh, if they threw it out, what a waste it would be.

No idea what this was....some sort of jello pallet cleanser.  The only reason I ate so much of it was because after our meal, I was still really, really hungry.  It worked out to about $45 per person, and I felt a bit scammed because I was still hungry at the end! 

Would I go back?  Well, probably not.  The service ended up being really good, two older gentlement were our primary servers and they were pretty nice.  But damn, Alaskan King Crab is pretty expensive for me, so on that alone, I would probably not go back.  The food tasted good overall and the service was decent, but to leave with $45 less in my wallet, and still be hungry is the biggest sin.

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