Friday, November 2, 2012

Jade Seafood Restaurant - I WILL NEVER EAT HERE

Well, I haven't posted any reviews for a while, and I've pretty much dropped out of the food blogging scene but I read this article titled "Inter-Chinese race row in Vancouver over shark's fin soup" and it kind of bothered me.

I don't have a particular politcal stance over this Shark Fin's Soup business, I could care less to tell you the truth (but then again, I am a HUGE fan of Foie Gras) but this David Chung character is a bit of a moron if you ask me.  He's trashing Vancouver City Councillor Kerry Jang for trying to get cheap polical votes, but this David Chung comes across to be as a greedy businessman only interested in lining his own pockets.  Sure, go ahead and not vote for Jang, see if we care.  But what about all the Canadian Born Chinese you've just insulted with your comment about us not being Chinese?

That split was emphasised recently by David Chung, head of the BC (British Columbia) Asian Restaurant and Cafe Owners Association, who said that Jang was not equipped to represent the Chinese community, or understand the importance of shark fin to Chinese culture.

"He was born in Canada, influenced by Western culture from a young age and is totally unfamiliar with Chinese culture - unable to understand the historical relationship Chinese have had with shark fin and the innate bond we share," said Chung, owner of the Jade Seafood Restaurant in Vancouver's satellite city of Richmond.

"He is not Chinese, he is a banana. He is only doing this to get cheap political votes. Many people in our industry have already announced that we will not vote for him during the next election," said Chung in a Chinese-language interview with Ming Pao's local edition.

So, because I was made in Canada, I'm not Chinese?  This is my personal message to David Chung:
You sir, are an %^$&#, and I will never eat in your restaurant.  And I'll be sure to pass on your sentiments to all of my CBC friends and family. 

Here's another article on this clown:

“I think this kind of thing is none of the business of the city, and it should be the judge[ment] of the federal government,” Chung told the Georgia Straight in a phone interview today (November 5). “City council, what do they know about sharks, really? They know a lot of things about development, health, education. They do a good job, but what do they know about sharks? Kerry Jang for example, what does this guy know about sharks?”

But let me ask him this, what does this clown know about Sharks?  He knows they make him a ton of dollars, that's for sure. 

“His culture is totally Canadian, and he has no feeling for shark fin,” Chung reiterated to the Straight. “Canadian-born Chinese are based on Canadian culture....They’re called bananas for a good reason. There’s nothing wrong with that; it’s not to be degrading. It just describes it well.”

Yes, I have no feeling for shark fin, only because an it's overpriced, bowl of stringy crap in a starch-based soup.  I love a ton of other Chinese food, but I guess according to Chung's scale, that's not quite enough to be Chinese.

Chung views the involvement of Vancouver city councillors in the proposed shark-fin ban as an attack on Chinese culture. He said that a ban would infringe on a person’s fundamental right to choose what to eat.

Attack on Chinese culture my $^%.  This logic is just about as stupid, rich condo-owners at UBC who
wre against the building of St John's Hospice for the dying because it was "bad luck"

Here's another article about this moron:

You can tell he's full of great manners.  Nobody pointed a gun at David Chung to come to Canada, if he doesn't like it here, there's still no gun pointed at him to stay.  The door is wide open for him to return to whereever he came from.

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  1. Well unfortunately for him, shark fin is not very gentle on the rectum, since that's where he can shove it. I wear my banana sticker proudly - anything that distances me from a stereotypical East Asian is a compliment to my driving skills.

    It's not that I have an issue with shark fin, it's just that I'd rather eat the whole shark than just the fin and discard the carcass (yes, it's edible and quite tasty if prepared by a competent chef). Go ahead and ban it. I won't miss it. I challenge any chef with any skill to make a substitute. It's quite doable, since shark fin doesn't have any flavour, so it's only a matter of appearance and texture.

    I've only eaten at Jade once, but that's because my family chose that place to have dinner with a friend. I don't go there at all otherwise and now have a good reason to stay away.

  2. I 100% agrees with you. He is ignorance and loud.
    He though only three species of shark are critically endangered.
    I had dim sum at Jade two years ago and I got a massive MSG attack from the food I ate. Thanks for David Chung, I will make sure I stay away from this restaurant.

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