Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Applause Japanese Restaurant

Applause Japanese restaurant is located on Oak Street in the Marpole area. The owner/chef is from Taiwan, and apparently trained as a sushi chef in Japan for a while. His wife is Japanese and so is the majority of the staff. Atmosphere is pretty good, and so is the presentation of most of the food. Prices are pretty average, and the quality is good.

Real crab meat is a plus for me, and though I don't eat California rolls often, I like it when they use real crab meat. Real kani nigiri sushi is a rarity in Vancouver, most places use that awful soy/tofu artificial crab meat as a poor substitute.

The layout is nice, and the capacity is decent but fills up easily because there really isn't any other Japanese restaraunt within the immediate area.
Miso soup was on the house that day, not sure if this was standard practice.
My friends ordered tuna sashimi - they already picked at it before I got a chance to take a pic.

Spinach in ponzu instead of sesame sauce (or sometimes peanut butter for the crappy places).

My chirashi don was a reasonable size, pretty run-of-the-mill and nothing exciting or out of this world. It came with the standard tuna, salmon, ebi, tamago, a few pickles and saba.

Grilled nasu (eggplant) was really good, probably my favourite dish that night.

I'm not really sure what this was.....a dragon roll maybe? Seems to be a popular thing here on the west coast.
Yam tempura roll....I didn't try this, but I was told it was good.
I'm kind of on the fence for this place.....it's in the Marpole area and it's only immediate competition for Japanese food would probably be Sushi King over on Granville, but it's not a fair comparision. Sushi King has large portions for cheap, no liquor license, and the layout is nowhere near as fancy, so it's a place you go to get full. Applause tries to be a trendy kind of place, and you can drink. But if I wanted to go somewhere fancy for a drink, I'd probably go to an izakaya. I guess I give Applause a thumbs up, but when it comes down to it, there are other places I'd rather go for sushi, like Aoki Sushi.

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