Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Little Japan, Big Mistake

I was downtown Vancouver a few weeks ago for some training and found this place, against my better judgement. It was either Curry Express (awesome butter chicken), Quizno's (expensive version of Subway), or this place. I guess I must have been craving Yoshinoya or something because for some strange reason, I decided to go to a place like Little Japan in the food court of Harbour Centre.
Time was running out on my lunch break, and the sign caught my eye. Since it was "Today's Special", they probably had these things ready to go.

Today's Special turned out to be $0.01 cheaper than on any other day, I was really impressed.

Yes, as you can guess, this review is not going well. It was nasty.  The rice must have been the lowest grade rice known on earth and tasted like.......well, not rice.  The beef was bland and watery, along with the soggy moyashi (bean sprouts), and whatever other vegetation there was in the meal.  I think mushy would be a good word to describe the veggies.  The meal was filling, but I might as well have eaten a bowl of sand. 

It was my mistake to have any expectations at all, my first clue should have been that it was in the food court of Harbour Centre, downtown Vancouver.   I've seen some people say that the place is better than reviews and ratings indicate, and they've been there on numerous occasions, but clearly they have no clue what food should taste like, let alone good food.  I don't recommend this place to anyone.

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