Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Austin Fish and Chips

I never would have thought there was decent fish and chips in Maple Ridge, but I was wrong. Some of my coworkers and I stopped in this strip mall on the side of the highway and found this place called Austin Fish & Chips.
We became pretty skeptical when we saw an all-you-can-eat menu.

Pricing is average, I went with the 2 pc cod and chips for $10.95

For some reason, my meal came with a dinner bun. Nothing spectacular, but I never say no to free food.
My friend ordered the popcorn shrimp and said it was a bit bland.
The poutine was ordered by one of my co-workers from Montreal.....it doesn't compare, but apparently it wasn't a total disaster.
I was pleasantly surprised with my order. Big golden fries, which were nice and crispy, probably made from real potatoes.
The cole slaw was a little on the sweet side, which was okay for me. I've never had it that sweet, and it tasted pretty good.
The portions of fish were good, crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside. I was pretty full by the end of the meal. I have no idea how people go for all you can eat for $1 more. And, an added bonus, tartar sauce in a squeeze bottle - no need for extra tartar sauce when it's right there on the table! I'd probably go again, if I ever find myself out in Maple Ridge.

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