Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Deutsches Haus

I've never been to Germany and this was the first time I'd ever been in a German restaurant.  To my surprise, it didn't seem that foreign and the food didn't taste all that different.  Is it because they didn't serve authentic German food, or is it because I'm already used to eating some of the food found on the menu?  I may never know unless I pay Germany a visit. 

Deutsches Haus sure doesn't look like a restaurant from the view in the parking lot, but once inside, it was a different story. 
The place did have an "old" feel to it (except for the flat screen TV), but I couldn't quite place it.  As I said, maybe I was expecting too much, but the place didn't seem all that foreign to me.  No, I wasn't expecting to see all the fellas to be wearing lederhosen, but I guess maybe I was thinking I'd see something I don't see everyday. 
There was nothing spectacularly different about the green salad.  The greens were fresh, and that's about all I can really say about it.
Some bread and butter to tide us over until the mains came.
My friend ordered a Bratwurst ($10) that was.....well, a sausage.  There were bits of potato and some sauerkraut and some really good mustard.
I ordered Kalbsschnitzel ($26) and here's where I demonstrate how uncultured I am.  Veal was the meat used and it was so tender, that I could have easily confused it with pork.  Good thing or bad thing?  I dunno, it tasted pretty damn good.  My dad makes something like this all the time though, but using pork so it tasted like home. 

No clue what this was...salmon?
Applie Pie
Ice Cream

The service was good, and the atmosphere seemed friendly enough and the food was decent, decent portions, but nothing spectacular.  My only gripe was that it seemed a bit on the expensive side for what I was getting.  I'd like to go back and try something I've never had before, but I have no clue what to order.  According to Sherman's Food Adventures, I think I want to try the Festplatte - a tray of assorted meat for about $80....a bit pricey for one person, but it's supposed to be shared.  I dunno though, it doesn't look all that big from the pictures.  We had a vegetarian with us on my first visit so having that much carnage on the table probably wouldn't have sat well with her.  I'm feeling kind of barbaric though, so the next time  I go, I'm going with carnivores only.

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  1. This is a place I always wanted to try LMAO although I am not too knowledgeable in German food I have a special interest in this cuisine hehehe

  2. Hi Elaine,

    I know what you mean, I must have driven by there millions of times, and finally I got to see what was inside......I want to go back sometime and try some other stuff.....but it better be worth it because it's a bit pricey.


  3. I've been to Germany and this is their stereotypical food you would find in pubs. Looking at this food makes me miss Germany.

  4. Hi DesignGirl,

    Thanks for reading! Have you got any suggestions for my next visit? Also, what's your opinion on the prices here? Is it about average? Just seems a bit pricey for me....



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