Saturday, February 26, 2011

Extreme Value Pizza Family Restaurant

I know what you're thinking, what's this Richmond boy doing in Regina of all places?  Well, part of the requirements as a fully trained employee of my day job is a two-week course that is held in Regina.  My first experience eating in Regina was with a couple of people I had met along the way.  We wandered around and found this little mom-and-pop-run place called Extreme Value Pizza Family Restaurant.  It was a cozy little family style restaurant and it provided a bit of shelter from some kind of crazy weather I never experienced before.   

Me on the left (Mike not pictured here), Andy and Nat.
The water came with a lemon wedge...not something I expected in such a small place.
An side of garlic bread came with the pasta someone ordered. 
Wings and Caesar $9.99
Baked Lasagna with meatballs - $9.99.  this was the smaller order, there was a larger order for $11.99 but I think Andy barely got through this size.
I think this was the Clubhouse Sandwich for $8.99.  One of the biggest sandwiches I've ever seen.  Mike inhaled half of it before I even blinked.  Apparently it was good.
I ordered the Hamburger Deluxe with Cheese, and swapped the fries for poutine.  The cheese used in the poutine was just shredded mozzarella, but it still tasted really good.  The gravy was to die for.  In the words of Samuel L Jackson, "This is a tasty burger". They griddled the buns, leaving a crispy ridge along the edge of the bun, the patty was nice and juicy, and it all just came together perfefctly.  I was quite satisfied with my meal, and for the price, you really can't go wrong.  The service was friendly enough, the food was good and we all agreed we would go back, but at the end, we just ran out of time. 

Stay tuned for more eats in Regina.......

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