Saturday, December 29, 2012

Old Country Buffet - Bellingham

I started going down to Washington occasionally and there was this one place that always stuck out in my mind, but I never visited - Old Country Buffet.  I heard about it, saw it on Urban Spoon, but never went so I took the plunge and paid a visit.  Haha, definitely not fine dining, but you know what, it got the job done.  I was full of tasty food (translation - comfort food) for cheap.  It reminded me of Uncle Willy's but more variety for about the same price.

I piled on all the stuff that looked tasty including fried chicken, pork rib, mashed potato with gravy, quiche, and a bunch of other stuff I can't identify by memory.

They had some sort of penne in a white cream sauce that actually didn't taste half-bad.

That's the pork rib, and to tell the truth, it wasn't all that bad.

Haha, mac and cheese, I couldn't resist.  I had to try it.  Once was enough.

This was some sort of cream soup.  It might have been clam chowder?  I had the cheese and broccoli here once and I felt really guilty after.

The prime rib was most often medium to medium well, and they only have creamy horse radish.  I'm personally not a big fan of creamy horse radish, but hey, I only paid 10 bucks for this lunch.

Popcorn shrimp.

The deserts were on par with Uncle Willy's.

Would I go back to Old Country Buffet?  Haha, I have to admit, I've been back a few times already.  Like I said, it's not fine dining, much of the menu isn't particularly healthy (well, I bypass the salad section, which is actually quite large), but you're not paying an arm an a leg, so if you think about how much it costs nowadays to eat at Rotten Ronnie's or Burger Thing, then this ain't such a bad deal.

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