Saturday, December 29, 2012

Ramen Jinya with two clowns

Ah, not much going on here except two clowns fighting over a bowl of ramen.  My buddy Eric was in town and since he's been really into ramen lately, we took him to Ramen Jinya.  The last time I had ramen with Eric was at the now defunct G-Men Ramen where he ordered TWO bowls of miso ramen.  This time, he just ordered extra noodles, but Jay took on the challenge of two consecutive bowls of ramen.

I really have no idea how they did it.  I love ramen, and I'm a particularly big fan of the very unhealthy variety where the broth is so thick, you could walk across it, where the chashu is so fatty, you'd swear you bit into a whale belly, where it's slightly on the salty side and you're screaming for a glass of water after you're done.  And that is why I love Ramen Jinya.  It's got nice, thick broth, it's well seasoned, and they are not shy about serving some really fatty chashu.  If you want health food, go eat a salad.


  1. Hahaha! I love this picture! Too bad now I am on a diet of Boiled Sweet Potatoes at night! Grrr... I miss the ramen!

  2. Haha, sweet potato diet? Never heard of that one. Too bad the Atkins diet is no good or I'd be feating on Sirloin and Prime Rib every night.


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