Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Royal Host - Shinjuku

I know the last three posts have been mostly images of airplane food so here's something different. Royal Host is another family restaraunt type place in Japan, similar to Denny's. It's a bit more upscale than M's dining, or Skylark or Gusto. After a long night of debauchery and drunken madness, we quietly went to a Royal Host for a nice, greasy hang-over cure. This was my hambagu and rice. Hambagu is not quite the same as the Hamburger as we know it in North America. It's still a meat patty, but sometimes it's a mix of beef and pork, and often times it's served on a skillet or on rice with sauce and other stuff.

My friend decided pizza and sandwiches woud best cure his hangover.

Someone else had ebi-fry (deep fried prawns) and some kind of omlet with a side of salad

Some kind of fried rice, skewers, fried egg, and some shrimp chips for good measure.

Here we have a sundae with only one scoop of ice cream visible. Red beans, mochi, fruit and some other stuff. The best thing after every greasy breakfast. Some of the other patrons in the restaraunt were giving us funny looks for ordering all that greasy food first thing in the morning. But they weren't there the night before, they had no idea.

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