Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cheese Fondue at Bridges

During the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, Bridges restaurant was home to House of Switzerland. There were two things on the menu that drew a lot of attention - Cheese Fondue, and Chocolate Fondue.

They had a couple of special menus during the event, but I opted to try the cheese fondue for $55 CAD. I've never had cheese fondue, and I'm a big fan of cheese. I like all kinds of cheese, prepared in any number of ways, but I've never tried fondue.

For $55 bucks, I was expecting a bit more cheese.....this was for two if you could believe that.
For $55, you get a boiling vat of cheese, some bread, some mini potatoes, and some pickles....
Dripping, gooey, cheesey goodness, just like in those old Asterix comic books. Tasted great, and filling too.

Cheese fondue was quite an experience, and we figured, may as well keep the theme going all night so chocolate fondue, another first for me, was ordered.

I was kind of surprised that bananas and strawberries weren't included, but whatever, it tasted pretty good.

At the end of the day, it was an experience. Bridges offers atmosphere, a spectacular view in the evening, and our server was incredible. Would I pay for fondue again? No way. It's great dating stuff, but best bang for your buck, not a chance.

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