Monday, November 29, 2010

Penny's Restaurant

Cheap okay food in the middle of nowhere.  That's what probably best describes Penny Restaurant.  It reminded me a little of the Yung Kee of olden days back in Richmond during the early 80's.  I was out with a couple of classmates from my Iaido class and my pal Vincent brought us here for a quick bite to eat. 

The wonton noodles looked a little murkey, but my classmate said it tasted ok.
The fried rice was apparently good, but didn't look shiny (ie greasy) enough for my personal liking.

I had the curry beef brisket, which was surprisingly good.  Yes, I said good, as in I liked it.  It wasn't Mui Garden good, but not too bad.  I'd say it was comparible to Alleluia's Curry Beef Crisket...and it was cheap.

Fortune Cookies!

From the outside, it doesn't look like much, and from the inside, it doesn't look like much either.  But you know what they say sometimes about crumby looking places - the food is good.  Kent's Ktichen in Chinatown is a friggin' filthy dive, but the food is good and cheap.  This place, not quite.  It was cheap, the portions were plenty, and the food was good (at least mine was), but not outstanding.  It just didn't strike me as fantastic enough to make me come back, even though it was cheap as hell. 

I don't think I would have stopped in here if it wasn't for the fact that it was simply on the way to our next destination.  For a tiny little place that wasn't particularly busy, the parking was a nightmare.  Would I go back?  Maybe if it was "on the way" again.

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  1. One thing that also make this place popular is that it's open in the wee hours. So it's where I usually go if I'm still hungry after a day at PNE/Playland.

    Or if my bowels were emptied out earlier on by the deep-fried butter.

  2. Hey Vince,

    Haha, that's true....if there's no place else open, I may just end up going here....or if I happen to be with you and you're driving, lol!



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