Monday, November 29, 2010

Vera's Burger - UBC

Sorry about the cell phone food review, these pictures suck.  When I get a chance, I'll go back and get some proper pictures.  This was the first Vera's Burger I ever went to, and once in a while, I still go.  The location is right in the Village at UBC, and it's within walking distance from our dojo (my iaido class). 
Vera's Burger's are everywhere now, and there's nothing really outstanding or difference about this location. The staff are generally friendly and it doesn't take long to get the food, so no complaints there.  The only pisser I have with Vera's is everything is a la carte.  Fries - extra, Onion Rings - extra, drinks - extra.....oh well, that's their formula and it seems to be working for them so good for them I guess.

I usually the lamb burger when I go to Vera's, and that's not often.  The Lamb Burger is pretty good, and if you like the taste of lamb, that gamey wholesome goodness is bery much in every bite, and not lost in the seasoning. 

Vera's Burger also has a pretty good four cheese burger, but for a few bucks more, I'd rather eat at Milestone's, which has a far superior four cheese burger.  If I want any more gourmet than that, I'll go to Romer's Burger. 

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  1. Hahaha I am not a big burger fan so I'd rather go to McDonald's (shame on me =P)

  2. Not a burger fan?!?!? I'm sorry, but I'm afraid we can no longer be friends.....j/k!

    I guess I will have to be my goal in life to make you love and appreciate the magnificent burger.

    You've gotta try Romer's Burger sometime - it's what heaven tastes like and it will....well, should make you a believer.


    P.S. - Stay away from Rotten Ronnie's - their burgers are rancid.


  3. Veras burgers seem to be getting a high rate. I do not understand. The ones made by Frank and Vera in West Vancouver (1980's originals) I would walk over hot coals for, now I would not even cross the street.

  4. Hi Anonymous,

    Thanks for reading! Yeah, Vera's is a bit over rated. I like their burgers, but I never go out of my way to eat there. I was just at Romer's Burger bar the other day, and that place walks all over Vera''s pricier, but worth the extra bucks.....



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