Monday, November 1, 2010

Kibune Sushi - Kitsilano

There's a little Japanese restaurant (yes, it's "authentic") tucked away in a corner of the Kitsilano area called Kibune Sushi.  We ended up there one night after a club meeting because I was moaning about how I couldn't afford to go to Octopus Garden anymore and my sensei wanted something a bit stronger than green tea.  We stopped by Happa that night and it was packed, but found that Kibune Sushi was not.  There were clients in there, but it was a totally different atmosphere and most of the customers looked like regulars.
I ordered a smaller chirashi don (not the fancy one), my personal guage for a sushi restaurant's quality.  There wasn't anything outstanding in the type of ingredients (shiso was a nice touch, as always), but the grade of fish used was was notable.  Definitely top notch and the rice was perfect.  The temperature was perfect, the ratio of rice/sushi vinigar, the texture.....sometimes you can really tell the quality of a sushi restaurant based on the rice.  This place knows it's stuff (not that I do). 

I'm hardly ever in the Kitsilano area, but the next time I go there, I definitely want to go back to Kibune and try some other stuff. 

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