Monday, May 30, 2011

A and W Lansdowne

I was reading Gavin's post over at  Good Eat and was tempted to the dark side by him.  He mentioned there was this awesome new burger called the Grandma Prime Rib Burger over at A and W.  I was skeptical, but curious because he mentioned Prime Rib and Horseradish sauce.

The onion rings had loads of coating, and managed to stay crispy. These were essentially the filler where the burger came up short.
The horseradish sauce was the only thing new to fast food that I noticed. It was a good addition, and adds a sense of class to fast food. Good on A and W to do this.

The onions were large and greasy, like eating a whole onion that had been sitting in oil for too long.

As you can tell by my thumb, the burger is tiny.

The patty was moist and tasty - basically the same as the Prime Rib patties you can get at Costco, except a tad smaller.  The bun was cheap and fell apart.  I think if A and W wanted to make a spectacular burger, they should have at least gotten better buns, but that would probably drive the price up and people would end up either going to a real burger place or other fast food places. 

Overall this new Grandma burger was small....tiny in fact, but once you stuff yourself with the onion rings and a medium soft drink, the meal itself can be filling.  For $3.99 you get the burger only, and $6.99 gets you the combo.  For $7, I think I can find a better meal at some HK Cafe.  $4 just for the burger isn't too bad I suppose, but it really is tiny for $4.00  Not too sure if I'd get another.

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  1. I was always skeptical of getting any "premium" meats at fast fod joints. They always end up tasting the same to me since they are all ground up.-I did like the mini sirloin(?) burgers A&W had though.

    I agree, $7 @ HK is better deal plus, there's often enough for another meal!
    I would rather get the Mama burger which is $1.50 =="I am cheap when it comes to fast food.

    Just curious,what's in the square A&W packet?

  2. My favourite is still just their Mozza burger =P

  3. Hey Gloria, sirloin burgers huh? Something else to try =)

    Yes, the price of fast food is fast rising, and on the border of being called rip-off. For $7, you can get a decent sit-down meal at most HK cafes nowadays.

    haha, I'm notoriously cheap when it comes to fast-food. Whenever I go to Rotten Ronnie's I always get the buck-something burgers....Junior Chicken, Double Cheese, or Bacon Cheese, haha! Burger Kind - always the Whopper Junior.....

    I should rename this blog Stingy Pete's Blog of Cheap Crappy Food, lol!

    Hey Elaine,

    You know, I've never tried a Mozza Burger? I should put that on my do eat list.


  4. Thanks for the mention Peter! (Though it's not my post) I still haven't tried it! It is a "grandma burger" after all, so the size won't be that big. Can't imagine my grandma eating it though.

    I think this is probably one of the better options for Gavin since he gets mall food every week.

    And I agree, $7 for a meal at a HK restaurant is better, though most places have jacked up their prices now.... though I think you can get a meal for $8-9 tax/tips incl. Milk tea > pop anyday!

  5. Hey Janice,

    Haha, no kidding right? I think I saw a meal at Rotten Ronnie's for almost $10, wtf? They're going to price themselves out of business if they're not careful.



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