Friday, May 13, 2011


A couple of weeks ago, the cherry blossoms were in bloom.  It was pretty much raining during the entire length of the bloom except for one particular weekend where it cleared up and not a single cloud was in the sky.  Hanami literally means flower viewing and in Japan, it can be a pretty big thing.  Families, friends, co-workers all gather under the cherry trees and have sort of a picnic.  Haha, I've heard stories of junior sarariman (salary men) holding spots for hours until their seniors arrive.  It's kind of hard to do on this side of the water because it rains so much, but this one day, me and a few fellow iaidoka got lucky.

The trees in Queen Elizabeth Park were probably the last ones to bloom in Vancouver, and although they look pretty pink in the pictures, they were starting to fall and the leaves were just starting to come out. 
We had an assortment of typical Japanese picnic food like onigiri, pickles, karage, beef skewers, fruits, tako weiner and a bunch of other stuff.
Sake cups

I know this is a food blog, and there's not a whole lot of food in this post, but I figured it's a nice change.  Besides, with all the gloomy weather we've had all winter, it's nice to see some blue skies accented with pink sakura.


  1. omg I love the professional picnic basket with the dish holder, cup holders and utensil holders!! it looks so fancy! the food all looks so nice and organized too :D

  2. I don't see any cute little Bento boxes Peter! ;]
    I wish the weather would get better soon.
    Haha, thanks!

  3. Hey Gloria,

    Haha, maybe next year we'll break out the bento boxes. I actually have a really nice set of real lacquered 3-tier boxes that would have been perfect.

    Cool about the steak! Did you basted it butter? Getting me hungry....think I'm gonna have steak for dinner, haha!


  4. Hey Janice,

    Yeah, the picnic basket was something they've been waiting to use for aaaages. The food was good, I should have taken more pictures of it, but I was mesmerized by the sakura and the awesome weather!


  5. Yeah! I've seen a similar one before and I really really really wanted to buy it because it looks so amazing.. but I never have picnics, so I stopped myself. But it was still tempting! haha


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