Monday, May 30, 2011

Salmon House on the Hill

It's been years since I 've been to Salmon House on the Hill and what drew me back to drive all the way to West Vancouver was a coupon, haha!  I'm so cheap.  Anyway, Salmon House had a Steak and Lobster Tail Combo as a May special that usually goes for $32 but with a downloadable coupon, it was $19.95.  There's something slightly embarrassing about using a coupon at a high-end place, but I figured, what the hell, I'm not that proud.

We got there around 7ish and the sun was still up so we got to see pretty much all of Vancouver. I'd imagine that the night view should be spectacular. Our server seemed pretty professional, not intrusive at all. He brought our drinks: Strawberry Virgin Marguarita (which didn't taste very virgin to me) and my drink - Chivas Regal, 12 yrs, single on ice. Since I was driving, I nursed it all the way through my meal.

The complimentary bread was fairly regular, but the butter it came with wasn't really butter. It was slightly darker, so I thought maybe it was garlic butter, but it turned out to be something else. I have no idea what it was. The texture was like dough or some sort of paste...not a whole lot of flavour, but we ate it all anyway!

We were pretty hungry so we scarfed down the bread pretty quickly. Our Salmon House Sampler ($18) followed soon after, and I have to tell you, I was a little disappointed with the portions. For the price, I figured it may have been enough for two, but I probably could have had two orders just for myself.
The smoked salmon wrapped scallop was done perfectly, not to rubbery and also managed to absorb a good amount of flavour from the smoked salmon but still retaining it's own natural flavour. The sampler was good overall, but I'm not sure if it was worth $18.
The prawn and salmon spring roll was pretty good, but as some of you may know, I'm not a big fan of this new fushion thing.  If I wanted to eat prawn spring rolls, I'd go have dim sum.  That being said, they tasted good. 
The smoked oysters themselves were good, but sat on a bed of green beans that didn't agree with me.  To me, and this is going to sound really uncultured, it tasted like B.O.  But like I said, I did like the smoked oysters. 
We both got the steak and lobster dinner. As usual, I ordered my steak as fat and bloody as possible. When our entrees arrived, the server knew exactly what I wanted - blue rare. It came out perfectly and the other one came out exactly to order as well - medium rare. Both steaks came out as ordered, however, it seemed one of them got all the seasoning. The medium rare one was a bit on the salty side, and my blue rare was a little bland. I guess I probably shouldn't eat so much salt anyway and just enjoy the natural flavour of the beef.....but fat tastes so good with salt! The mashed potato and the veg tasted incredible on both plates, and the lobster, surprisingly was actaully quite good, depsite it being of the readily availablble, frozen lobster tails similar to the ones available at M & M. I'm glad I paid $19.95 because it was a pretty decent meal for $19.95, but I would have felt a bit unahppy had I paid the full $32.

Medium Rare - cooked to perfect as requested.

Blue rare - fat and bloody, just the way I like it.  One of the few times I actually got it exactly as I asked.
The Orange and Maple Creme Brulee came to $9 and I enjoyed it a lot.  The top layer was caramalized nice and thick (some may not like this), the fruits were fresh and didn't contrast the creme brulee too strongly. 

I liked the coconut macaroons, but they were served on the side, and that's exactly what they were, on the side and unecessary.  Tasty. but unecessary.  

Overall, I was pretty happy with my experience with Salmon House on the Hill.  The food was of good quality and excellent presentation, despite my grumblings about various things.  Part of the hefty bill goes towards a pretty nice view and overall good service.  It wasn't on par wtih say Tea House or Joe Fortes in terms of service, but still pretty good.  Would I go back?  Probably.  There were a couple of other menu items I wouldn't mind trying!

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  1. Hey Pete, I had been telling you about this place for years! At that time they still serve the oyster's rockefeller. I used to order that to go with my steak.

  2. Eric?

    Haha, yeah, I know. Jay used to work there! I never tried Oyster's Rockerfeller....any good? Next time you're in town, let's go!

    By the way, did you ever get my text message and e-mails? I sent them on your b-day but not sure if you got them.



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