Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cafe Gloucester

Gloucester Cafe, been around for ages and I've even been there on numerous occasions, but I never had a camera present.  I remember one of my earliest experiences with Baked Seafood on Rice was at this place.  I had a cousin from out of town, and another cousin I probably hadn't seen in 5 or 6 years and we decided to get together at Gloucester's. 
One thing that I don't think many places have is the option to supersize your drink.  I don't even remember seeing this on the menu, but my cousin orderd an extra large ice lemon tea.  It was a monster.
I of course had to relive the glory days and had the baked seafood on rice.  It was rich and creamy, just as I remember.  I've had better, but I'd probably order this again the next time I go back here.
I heard there are other menu items that are good, but I've only evern eaten the baked seafood and baked pork chop.  The prices here are a bit more than say Alleluia, but not out of this world.  The nearest competion is Copa Cafe just up the road. 

The service here is friendly, and I've always been treated good.  Street side parking is available, don't bother trying the back as they only have a handful of spots. 

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