Thursday, October 20, 2011

Richmond Sushi

Holy cow, I haven't touched my blog in nearly a month and what's the first thing I come back with?  AYCE sushi, haha!  Apologies for the long absence.  I've been in the middle of changing jobs from one department to another so I haven't had much time to work on this...also, my Nikon P100 died on me a few weeks ago so I had to send it in for (hopefully) warantee.  Several of the controls stopped working and my PC stopped detecting the camera, and started charging it, even though I had set it to no-charge.  Anwyay, I loved the camera, so I hope it comes back in one peice.  Anyway, back to the blog, the pictures for the next few entries were either taken my my dad's Nikon L24 or my HTC Desire. 

So, I was at my other job and we were called in on a Saturday with lunch paid and what did the group decide to do with their $13 meal allowance?  They got us to go for AYCE sushi at Richmond Sushi.  I haven't stepped into this place for more than 6 years.  The parking is crap here, maybe that's why I don't come here often.

It was a Saturday afternoon and the place wasn't very full.  I was surprised because I remember this place used to get pretty packed. 
Haha, it's been so long, I don't remember what this was...I think it might have been some some sort, nevermind, I'm not going to guesss.
The gyoza presentation wasn't as bad as Aji Taro, and I do remeber these not tasting too bad.
Of course, there's always someone who can't handle the raw fish so we got them some California you can tell, the rice to filler ratio isn't all that bad. 

The ebi sunomono was pathetic.  It was by far the worst sunomono I have ever had.  The one single shrimp sat on a bed of crunchy, yes, crunchy noodles.  These were not al dente, they were raw.  Unbievable, even worse than Aji Taro.  Mazui desu.
I dunno what's going on with AYCE sushi nowadays, but I find they always have to drown the deep fried stuff in the Thai chili know, that sweet and spicy sauce?  Yuck. Anyway, the ika karaage came with that stuff on it and I didn't like it.
Shrimp bombs!  With more Thai Chili sauce.  This was a hit with some of the non-raw-fish eaters.
Teriyaki beef was dried out, but rehydrated with sauce.
Chicken karaage?
Assorted carrot tempura.  Actually the nasu (eggplant) wasn't too bad and kind of a surprise to find in this place.
The obligatory salmon, tuna and saba nigiri sushi, ordered en masse until we were sick of them.
I had to do it, I had to order the kaki motoyaki in the egg tart trays.  First, because I like oysters, and second, because I love egg tarts.  Haha, but after a few of these, I felt not so hot.

All in all, Richmond Sushi was more or less the way I remember.  I didn't go by choice, but it was more of a social thing so I went along with the group.  Would I go back again?  Not willingly.

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  1. You're back! I was wondering were you went... then I thought about a story where someone worked at a bank and had a regular that came everyday and then she didn't come for a week.. The bank called the customer and somehow found she was trapped underneath a closet or something, so they saved her life... I was getting worried, maybe you were trapped underneath a closet!

    And Richmond Sushi, I haven't been there in like 10 years. Surprised that it was that empty! But their food wasn't that good from what I recall

  2. Ahhh one of the worst sushi places in Richmond... I used to go years ago, but they just get worse and worse...

  3. Hey krispymilk!

    You're not kidding, it was just as brutal as Aji Taro, another place that used to be decent until they went AYCE...

    Hey Janice!

    Yeah, I was gone for about a month or so. Haha, glad someone out there cares about me! Nope, no closet, just a combination of laziness, job transition and my camera dying. I'm still not quite caught up with some other reviews and a bit of news about a camera, but as soon as I get over this bout of laziness, I'll be back in the saddle!

    Thanks for reading still!



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