Thursday, October 20, 2011

Joey on Burrard

Two weeks ago, I was downtown for training and during our lunch on the last day, some of us decided to eat downstairs at Joey's on Burrard.  I've been to the Joey's on Broadway before and even though they overcooked my steak, it still tasted good, and the service there was good.  I figured I'd give this one a try.  Actually, I'd been here before, but just for drinks.
I posted this picture because of the steak and sushi.....what is this world coming to???  Enough with the ridonkulous fusion....
God, will the madness ever end.  Tell me why in the world would I ever order sushi at Joey?  I gotta say, it blows my mind to see things like this......wonton noodles at Cactus Club, haha!  Seriously though, it's true, it really is on their menu.
Anyway, enough poking fun at silly menu items.  My colleage ordered some sort of pasta and it came with a towering slab of garlic bread.  The dish looked tasty and my colleage assured me it was....but I didn't get a sample :(
Kobe Beef spaghetti and meatballs.  Personally, I haven't found a better example of this dish outside of Italian Kitchen, but then again, I didn't sample the one from Joey.  I'm sure it tasted good though.
Some sort of grilled cheese sandwich.
Not sure what kind of hamburger this was....
....but I was in no mood for burgers.  I'd been looking at pictures of prime rib and steak all week so I ended up ordering the 9oz Cab Top Sirloin for $24.49.  I asked for fat and bloody and I got fat and bloody.  I was blown away because after the server walked away and went to place the order, he actually came back and confirmed if I wanted my steak done blue rare.  I said yes, thinking that they'll probably bring it to me medium to medium rare, but I got mine blue!!! 
Just look at this thing.  Presentation was top-notch and everything tasted as good as it looked. 
That spring-roll looking thing was crispy mashed potato.  Essentially it was mashed potato encased in a spring roll skin, and I was pleasantly surprised.  It actaully tasted quite good and it was interesting to have a crispy texture with mashed potato. 
Now onto the star of the dish, my precious blue rare top sirloin.  For a 9 oz, it sure looked massive in real life.  To see such carnage in the middle of a sunny Friday afternoon would probably put some people off, but my steak gave me the thrill I was waiting for all week.  The spice rub went really well with the steak and didn't overwhelm the flavour at all.  And although I asked for fat and bloody, it was definetly a good cut have it that way.  It was easy to cut and melted in my mouth. 

Would I go back?  In a heartbeat, as long as they can prepare it every single time like this.  Consistancy is the issue with a lot of places, so I may take a chance and go back, hoping they can replicate my experience. 

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  1. The grilled cheese sandwich is the lobster grilled cheese sandwich. In a way, is a misnomer as it barely has any lobster... One thing I haven't understood is the fact pasta is served with a big piece of bread. I have been told that is to scoop the leftover sauce but that can only happen if there is too much sauce. Furthermore, carbs on carbs? :-/

    Unless I am partially colour blind, the steak looks a bit too pale to what I consider rare. It is more leaning towards medium rare to me. When I call for rare, I want it to be more "bloody" red. But, hey, you got what you want so that's what matters!

  2. Haha, yeah, carb on carb mayhem....hilarious, but tasty.

    Yeah, the steak didn't look very good in the picture - it was taken with my phone cam so it looks a little off. It was a little cold in the middle though, so it was exactly the way I like it, haha!



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