Monday, January 9, 2012

Guu Garden - Lunch again

Guu Garden...yup, we came back here again, haha!  I came here with a bunch of colleagues for lunch again and some of the more popular items from last time were ordered again, namely the Hamburg Steak, which I still haven't tried because my eye was drawn to something else....the Sarariman Bento. 

More of the same stuff for the most part except this time, I had the Sarariman Bento (businessman's lunchbox), which main attraction was the gindara and a variety of pressed sushi and sashimi.  God, every morsel was an amazing taste of heaven. 

For about fifteen bucks, I thought it was a pretty good deal considering the quality of food you get.  Guu Garden has never let me downn so far, and $15 is probably the most you'd pay for a lunch here, most of the other bento float around ten bucks.  Gotta go back sometime to try that Hamburg!


  1. nice photos! I definitely need to go here!

  2. Hey, thanks for reading! Haha, I've been a terrible food blogger, haven't touched my blog for more than a month or so. Been working nearly every day, since October, but I'll be getting my weekends back in about two weeks. Hopefully, I can catch up on a bunch of posts I still have pending!



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