Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Keg - Thurlow

My buddy Jeremy's been in Japan for the last three years, and where does one go when they are deprived of some Grade A Canadian beef for so long?  The Keg of course!  Unless your pocket-book allows you to pay a visit to Gotham's, Hy's or Joe Fortes, The Keg is your next best bet.  Not exactly a newcomer to The Keg, nor to the location on Thurlow, I was surprised it rated so high on Urban Spoon (91%) compared to Richmond (79%).  Personally, the Richmond location is my favourite because for all my visits, they have always had the biggest hunks of prime rib compared to any of the other Vancouver locations.  Honestly, Vancouver Keg Size Omega were about the size of a Keg Size at the Richmond location.  Anyway, despite this, we went to the Thurlow location because I'd been there, but just hadn't done a review yet =)

The place has a spacious lounge and bar area, and pretty much looks like all the other locations, except a slightly different configuration. 
My buddy Jeremy is eating "healthy" nowadays and even encorporated something called a salad in our feast tonite.
Of course, I tried to ruin his diet by tempting him with The Keg's whipped butter and sourdough bread.
He refused to eat the bread, but I think he snuck in a spoonful of butter when I wasn't looking, haha!

I of course got the Keg Size prime rib, and it was a decent size.  It was smaller than the Richmond location's usual, but it was still enough to get me full.  I did pound back more than half that loaf of bread though, haha!
It was neat the end of the night and I was concerned that they wouldn't have any bloody bits left, and I would end up with a grey prime rib, overcooked medium-well, but I was pleasantly surprised some drippy bits were still available.

Jeremy ended up getting some more of that vegetation with his rib.
The service at the Thurlow location is as expected of any Keg, and our server was very professional.  I actually opted out of the Scotch tonight and settled for a glass of lemon water, and our server made sure that cup was always full.  Would I go back?  When do I not go back to The Keg?  Despite Richmond being the best Keg around, I'll still pop into any of the Vancouver locations for a night of savagery.

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  1. I haven't been to The Keg for ages, but I remember feeling like it was overrated just like Chop. How would you compare it to Chop?

  2. Ah, Chop...yes, now that place is over rated and overpriced for what you get. I go to The Keg for one reason only - their prime rib. I haven't tried many of their other menu items, but I haven't yet found a prime rib done better than The Keg for that price point.


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