Friday, September 2, 2011

One More Sushi

Mazui desu.  Mazui.  After class, some of us decided to go to the village in search of food, and it was suggested we visit One More Sushi....and this will be THE VERY LAST TIME.  I've been here before, ages ago, in a fairly large group, but I don't remember it being this bad.  Now, before I invest too much time into this place, I'll just get to the nitty gritty.

I made the mistake of ordering their chirashi don, my standard gauge for a good sushi restaurant.  Anyway, after having One More Sushi's chirashi don, I have come to the conclusion that they could be classified as a Japanese restaurant, but sushi would be a far stretch.  Their cooked food may be okay, I will never know, but for $15, you're literally getting ripped off on the chirashi don.  There is a mountain of densely packed rice underneath at the bottom of the bowl.  The rice smelled of rice vinegar, but it was hard, as if it had been leftover rice from two days ago.  It was clearly not very fresh.  The cuts of fish were very run of the mill, and I can't believe they have the 'nads to charge $15.  There was some salmon, some tuna (the plain stuff), tako, surf clam, some bland tamago, fake crab meat, ebi and some masago.  NOTHING SPECIAL TO NOTE OF HERE.  Even the fake crab meat was hard. 

One More Sushi is an epic fail in the sushi department, and no, I will not bother returning to see if they're cooked food is any good.

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  1. That Zaru Soba (I'm assuming) is massive! Don't think I've seen a portion that big before.

  2. Hey Jer,

    Haha, yeah, it was gargantuan. I forgot to ask Maki how she liked it.....



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