Friday, September 2, 2011

Mahony and Son's - revisited

Do not eat steak at Mahony and Son's, it's not The Keg, haha!  I'm not sure if the prices here are inflated because it's smack in the middle of UBC, or it's always like this, but I shelled out $26 for a steak that was slightly thicker than one I could get at say, Alleluia.  It was cooked exactly the way I wanted it - blue rare, which was a nice surprise, but it was definitely on the small side for $26.  The mashed potato and the side veg it came with were massive and truth be told, tasted quite good.  In fact, they were so good, that they actually stole the spotlight from the steak.  They made the steak look even smaller than it really was.  It would have been better to pay $10 less, swap the steak and get three links of large sausages instead.  The Bangers and Mash for $15-16 is a far better deal.

The service was great here, don't get me wrong, and Mahony and Son's still has other food that tastes pretty good,but just don't bother with the steaks.  Some other people ordered a sampler platter (basically a variety of frozen treats like chicken strips, calamari, some flat bread, some chips and dry pork ribs), a spinach and artichoke dip, ribs.  The next time I go to Mahony and Son's, I think I'll stick with the standard pub-food. 

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