Friday, September 2, 2011

Toll's - Revisited

On the way back from Nanaimo, some folks were still hungry so we stopped into Horseshoe Bay and ducked in to Troll's for some fish and chips.  I've been here before and have been more or less satisfied.  This visit confirmed that the wait times for food can be painfully long, even though I wasn't particularly hungry. 

It was freakin' hot all day, we'd waited for the ferry for a solid two hours (maybe 3, I have no idea) under the blazing sun, and all I'd eaten was some rancid nachos passed off as Mexican food, and a stale pizza from the terminal.  What I really wanted to do was go home, but I stuck with the group and tried to tough out the throbbing headache I had.

I ordered the salmon and chips, and subbed in the chips for a salad.  It really helped.  I think if I tried to down some fries, I would have died.  The salmon wasn't as good as the last time I was here.  It was slightly dry, but still edible. 

Tony ordered a fish pie, something I'd never seen before.  Maybe next time.  Anyway, the food here still tasted decent, but I was feeling so out of it, by the time I made it home, I was blowing chunks.  I think I need to go back when I'm not feeling so bad to do a proper review on the salmon and chips, and that fish pie.

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