Friday, November 28, 2008

Fried Chicken and can't go wrong.

Without a care in the world, my brother, our friends and myself would occasionally gorge ourselves on the worst possible combination of junk food.....Fried Chicken and Pizza. We would have events called wing night, or chicken night, or pizza night, but in reality, it was just get fat night. None of us were really grotesquely overweight, but not exactly healthy either.

Between the 3 or 4 of us, we would order two large Meat Lover's pizza from Pizza Hut, and 20 or so peices of fried chicken from L.A. Chicken in Richmond, and two buckets of their awesome gravy.
L.A. Chicken, formerly known as Lee's Chicken, has incredibly tasty fried chicken. Their fried chicken has the flavour of KFC, but the crunchy, chrispy style coating of Church's Chicken....the best of both worlds. L.A. Chicken also has the world's best gravy in that it tastes exactly like the skin/coating. It's like liquid skin......truly a beautiful thing. I have an image of my friend drinking this stuff and I'll post it if I can ever find it. We don't go there much because their hours are kind of wierd and there's only one location that we know of. Out of sheer laziness, we usually go to Church's. Anyways, again this picture is done with my crappy old Mavica so it's low quality. I think this image was taken on my brother's birthday, back in July, 2001.
L.A. Chicken has awesome fried chicken, no more needs to be said...
Actually, a side story on the aftermath of this event. We knew that we weren't going to eat all the food so in advance, we cut the pizza crusts off and put them aside. The next day, we took those crusts, chopped them up, and stir fried them in a frying pan with some chopped jalepenos. We threw them in a giant dish, crumbed some mozzarella chunks and poured the left-over gravy (that glorious liquified deep-fried-chicken-skin) on top of that - our own creation - Pizza-crust poutine.

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  1. chicken...and mcd fries...mmm...hahahah!

  2. Hey Buddha Girl,

    Lol, have you seen our burger night?




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