Thursday, August 18, 2011

Alleluia revisited

Kudos to Yo-Yo for service excellence.  I've been to Alleluia a million times, and a lot of the staff there are pretty nice, but one in particular stands out in the crowd and that's Yo-Yo.  Everytime we go there, she remebers us, and greets us with a smile.  She could be having an awful day, but she still manages to be happy and find a smile to share with customers and co-workers.  Our teacups are always full, and our food is always there quickly, but she delivers that service so pleasantluy and you can sense her sincerity, there are no canned lines or forced smiles.  Yo-Yo will always go that extra mile and do a few things more that just make your day.  Yo-Yo, if you're reading this, way to make the world a better place. 

My mom loves the Thai fried rice here, and during tea time, it's a pretty good bang for the buck.  At less than $8, you get a decent plate of fried rice and a free drink.  That's about the cost of some combo meals at Rotten Ronnie's.
My dad got some kind of soup with an assortment of veggies and fish balls.  It looks like, but he barely finished it. 

I of course got the 3 item mix and match.  Lately, I've been getting the spaghetti.  I know, I know, it's more like army noodles, but I think they must lightly season and dress the noodles or something because I'm actually able to eat it without any sauce. 


I got the pork chop cutlet, the fish cutlet and, the rib eye.  If you dare to eat it rare, just ask them to touch the pan, and it will actually come blue, the way you ask for it.  I don't know how many high-end steak places I've gone to where I've asked for fat and bloody, and they bring me a steak done medium-well.  For about $10 at Alleluia, I get soup, a drink, a pile of spaghetti or rice, some sort of gravy, and two other items with my steak.  Yeah, it's no Keg Size, but the rib eye steak melts in your mouth, even though it barely touched the frying pan. 
Anyway, Alleluia remains one of my favourite HK Cafes - it's inexpensive, the food is decent, and the service is good - spectacular when Yo-Yo is serving =).

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