Friday, August 5, 2011

New Town Bakery - Chinatown

The next stop on the China Town tour was New Town Bakery.  Actually, I wanted to go to Kent's Kitchen, but we were so full from dim sum, Kent's will have to wait for another visit.  I remember New Town Baker as one of my early childhood Chinatown memories.  We'd either go there for Chinese pastries/deserts or even a sit down meal.  My dad would point out a lot of old residents of Chinatown (2nd and 3rd and maybe even 4th gen Chinese would come here to eat.  I'd see Chinese seniors that spoke in English without a hint of a Chinese accent, and to me, that was strange because the only elder Chinese people I knew in my life at the time were from overseas.  I guess that's what someone will probably say about me when I'm that age =)


The place is old, as old, as some of the customers that frequent the place, and has not changed at all in my lifetime and who knows, may not ever change.  It's a bit of a grease spoon, and not exactly the cleanest place in town, but that's not saying much considering it's in Chinatown, haha! 

Seems like this place might be popular with the local Philipino community as well because they supply alot of Philipino delecacies, and some of the deserts are labelled with their equivalent names in Tagalog.

These coconut tarts are one of my favourites.  Sweeter than hell, but oh so tasty.

My mom's favourite  -sesame balls.  I think I've had one to many so I didn't get any.
The butterfly crisps here are pretty good, nice and flaky and very buttery. 
I love almond cookies, but didn't get any this time.  I was still full from dim sum and had to limit myself to the 6 pc special, haha!
I got the sweet egg crispy....I thought they were Chinese rice crispy squares for the longest time, haha!  Anyway, sachima is one of my favourites as well (aw hell, they're all my favourites, lol!) but I wasn't happy with the ones from New Town.  These were a little on the dry side and I was gagging for some tea after eating mine.
The walnut cupcakes were also a little on the dry side.
Egg Tarts, who doesn't like egg tarts?  I love egg tarts. 
Vince has actually tried this - Egg Pie, one-upping the standard issue egg tart.  As much as I love egg tarts, I was too full to try this, but I swear, I will return to get one and do a review.

Ah, egg tarts, is there any greater wonder in the world?  I seriously doubt that.  I wrote a post a long time ago, just about egg tarts.  Maybe it's time to post it, haha!

Anyway, New Town's not perfect, but I think it's worth the visit and return visits.  I have fond memories of the place from when I was a child, so it works out for me, and the food here is cheap and tasty (haha, for the most part).

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  1. Hey Pete,

    The owner of New Town, the husband goes to my middle school back in the Philippines. But of course he is way older than me. Hehehe.



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