Friday, August 5, 2011

Summer Night Market - Richmond - revisited

My pal Vince and I were talking about Night Market Chinatown last week he mentioned he'd never been to the Richmond Night Market.  One thing led to another and we ended up with some others at Richmond's "Summer Night Market" to get some cheap tasty food and also have a laugh at the expense of the variety of stalls that sell knock-off DVDs, Japanese swords, and a stall that sells retractable asps/batons and bearspray for self-defense purposes.......because you might get attacked my a grizzly in the middle of Richmond.

......and this stand that specializes in Human Pain, haha!
This night was a lot more crowded than my last visit.  It was a sea of people, and it was pretty much shoulder in the "dining area".

I know I said I would return to Night Market with an empty stomach, but it didn't work out that way.  Still, I managed to find some room for desert =). 

I was exchanging messages with Gloria from I'm Busy Eating and Janice from Good Eat about where to get good shaved ice in the city.  I wasn't expecting much at night market, but I was pleasantly surprised.  Cherry Ice Bar must have had a pretty sharp blade because the ice was as fine as fresh powder on Cypress!  They mentioned it to me before and it was just dumb luck when I stumbled on it at Night Market.  The green tea ice cream was the perfect compliment to red beans, mochi and condensed milk.  Who knew you could get fat from eating ice! 

My pal Tony had the mango with ice cream.  It didn't look like anything special, but the juices from the mango permeated the entire bowl of ice and we weren't quite sure if it was syrup or the natural juices from the mango.  Either way, it tasted awesome.  And again, the ice was like snow.


Gloria also told me about the crab claws for like five bucks.  Super cheap, haha, very little if any real crab meat in them, but still tasted good! 

Mmmmm.....B.O. flavoured lamb skewers, haha!  Yes, the scent of B.O. hung heavily in the area of this stand and Vince decided to give them a shot.  They smelled of B.O. but they tasted like lamb.....or is that the same thing?  Haha, anyway, they weren't too bad.  I figured that this might be my last visit to the Richmond Night Market this year, but I recently got news that the Turkey legs might be worth a try.....dammit!  Now I gotta go back.  Well, I haven't had a chance to try the Butter Chicken Poutine yet either so, maybe that will make it worth my while =)


  1. Awesome! Glad you liked the icy! Didn't know they had a stall at the night market!

    I need to try the crab claws even if there isn't much crab meat in it.. haha!

  2. Hey Janice!

    Yup, sure glad you guys told me about it, and I'm glad I made the connection, haha! Now I know where to get good icy during the day!



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