Thursday, August 18, 2011

Italian Tomato Revisited

Last week, one of my pals from work Simon had his last day and transferred to a different department.  We had a little get together after work for him, and it was the perfect excuse to go eat somewhere we usually don't go.  This time, I was armed with decent lighting and a better skills still suck, but hopefully you will enjoy these images more than the pics from my last review of Italian Tomato.

There were a lot of dishes ordered, but I stuck to the Napoletana.  It's baby shrimp, baby clams, fresh garlic, lemon zest in a white wine cream sauce, absolutely glorious.  I probably could have finished it, but I felt like saving some for lunch the next day, haha!
Simon figured there wasn't enough food so he ordered a plate of chicken wings.  I never thought of ordering any appies at this place, but they were surprisingly good. 

Italian Tomato Continues to be one of those places that I'd not go to for a casual dinner. The quality of the food is great, the service is pretty good too, but the prices are just a tad high for me to go there frequently. I know the portions are massive, just like with Anton's, but it's also a lot pricier than Anton's.  I think they're trying to go for the fine dining experience, but the restaurant itself will always be 'Dem Bones to me, haha!


  1. Hey we have the same favourite dish! :P But I stopped going there because pasta is so filling... especially in those portions.

  2. Hey krispymilk,

    How can you go wrong with that combo - shrimp, clams, garlic and cream? It's hard not to try and finish the dish isn't it?



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