Friday, December 23, 2011

The American Cheese Steak Co.

I don't know what a Philly Cheesesteak or American Cheese Steak is supposed to taste like, so here's my first impression.....meh.

I ordered a large New Yorkder for $12 (tax and tip $15 and change) so portion was good, I suppose.  The ingredients were fresh, and the quality of the beef was good, nice mix fat and lean, cooked perfectly.  So what could possibly make me say my first experience was "meh"?  Well, the thing was totally lacking in the flavour it supposed to be bland?  I added chili sauce, and it improved slightly.  I added salt, and it improved tremendously.  The beef on it's own had very little flavour and the whole thing relied on the garlic sauce a little too much.

The service from the cashier was less than stellar.  She had no compassion for someone's first visit and treated me as if I were from a leper colony or something when I asked her what her recommendation was.

Now about the atmosphere - tries to pass itself off as a trendy place with lots of stainless steel and brick, but it still didn't make the food taste better.  And if you're looking to have a conversation with your meal partner, go elsewhere because they really pounded the music on the day I went. 

Needless to say, I will probably not return.

*Pictures were taken with my HTC the time of this review, my Nikon P100 was still on the fritz.

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  1. Right. Well, you're entitled to your opinion clearly, however, this joint has to be the best place to pick up the closest thing to a real cheese steak. I've ordered cheese steaks in restaurant that attempt to duplicate what's now finally being served at this particular spot. Not everything is supposed to be piled on with flavors that over due it...quite frankly, the more spice and salt to any dish from a chef could tell you that the food you are about to consume is garbage, hence, the cover up with spices and such to disguise the sub par quality...that's my 2 cents...

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    Thanks for reading, so bland is how a real cheese steak is supposed to taste or that's just how you like your food?

    Haha, right, well, you're entitled to your opinion clearly. Enjoy your tasteless, overpriced sub sandwich :)



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