Friday, December 23, 2011

Lin Chinese Cuisine 林餐館

On Broadway near Granville there's this place called Lin Chinese Cuisine and Tea House.  I never thought to ever go in there because parking is kind of a pain, but lately, I've been using a lot of public transit and the bus happened to take me by this place.  I found the place full of local office types, and commuters like myself. 
The XLB were tiny, bite-size flavour bombs full of the juicy fat soup.  They were small, but good.  Pricewise is something you'd expect in comnination with the location as well as the quality, in other words fair. 

The shredded pork was very, very greasy - after wiping your mouth with a napkin, you could probably transfer the residual oil to a wall and make it transparent (just like in Simpsons).  It was good though, haha, but you really need a huge bowl of white rice to go with it.

The green onion pancake was crispy on the outside, moist on the inside, cooked well, but a bit bland. 

The Shen Jian Bao had rispy bottoms, and were pretty juicy inside.  Almost bite-size, you could stuff one of these in your mouth, but I wouldn't recommend that if you're with someone. 

The service here was quick and friendly enough, and the restaurant wasn't too bad for cleanliness.  Would I go back?  I already have, haha!

*Pictures taken with my HTC Desire

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