Sunday, December 25, 2011

Ramen Jinya

I think this might be the last of my posts using my HTC Desire phone cam.  After this, I started shooting with a new toy I might just do a post about.  Anyway, I heard about this place through the grape vine while talking about ramen with someone.  They mentioned this place called Jinya opened up and I had to try it.  I assured them that Nan Chu Izakaya had the best ramen in town, however they suggested I try this because I'd be in for a surprise.

I orderd my usual - miso chashu ramen, and to my surprise, it was actually really, really good. 

Just look at that chashu....amazing how much fat there is!  I wonder if the owner or chef of this place was listening to me moan about how healthy, but boring ramen was in Vancouver (with the exception of Minoru-san's ramen, haha!).

Gyoza was really good too....loaded with garlic.
Anyway, back to the ramen.  It came in a huge bowl, surpisingly, there wasn't all that much broth.  It was very, very rich, so thick you could walk across it.  It was also nice and salty, just the way I like it.  And the staff can read your mind because they've got a nice cold glass of water waiting for you.  By the time I finished, I was screaming for the water, haha!  The chashu had to have been the fattest I've ever seen so far.  I mean, just look at the picture, and most of the chashu is white!  It gets nice and melty after it sits in the broth for a bit. 

Despite some serious health concerns, this place makes a mean bowl of ramen.  The service was quick and friendly, the food comes quick, and I've never had to wait in line to get in.  It's also inexpensive.  In my opinion, this place is light-years ahead of the likes of Kintaro or that other trendy place downtown....Santouka?  Anyway, when they said this place could give Minoru-san's ramen a run for his money, they weren't kidding.  I would not say it's better or worse, but either way, it's a damn close call.  Would I go back?  Haha, that goes without saying. 

One thing weird about this place though....I saw someone get ramen for take-out.  WTF?  I have never in my life seen anyone get ramen for takeout before, but apparently some weird people out there like to come to a ramen shop, and have it to go.  To each their own I guess, but ramen is not something I'd go buy at a restaurant just to take it home or back to work to eat.  I'd just slurp it down in the shop, or make it myself at home....oh well. 

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  1. Ramen/Udon is a popular takeout/delivery food in Japan. You'll see scooters with the box on the back (with a spring stabilizer to smooth out the bumps). They'll even come back to pick up the bowls after you're done.

  2. I've seen it delivered in Japan, even delivered in proper bowls, not styrofoam ones. But delivery is one thing, going to the shop and asking for it to go? Why not just take 5 minutes, sit down and have it? Haha, to each their own I guess.

  3. I went not too long ago and didn't like it.
    When I had it, my broth was ...sandy? Is it supposed to be like this?
    My knowledge of "Ramen standards" only go as far as Santouka/Benkei/Kintaro and a bit more.

  4. Sandy???? Ewww!!! Either they didn't mix the miso enough or they didn't wash the dirt out of whatever veg was in it? either way that's gross. I didn't run into that problem the two times I went thankfully, but I'll watch out for it next time :)


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