Sunday, December 25, 2011

The One Cafe - yes, another "The One"

Food court quality in a restaurant wrapper.  I heard the owners of this place used to operate a shop in the food court of Parker Place, but I'm not 100% sure on that.  This place is called The One Cafe, not to be confused with another restaurant with an equally stupid name called The One Chinese Restaurant.  Sadly, neither of these restaurants are the one for me.

The milk tea was a little bland and watered down when I went.  I guess I've been spoiled on the milk tea from places like Alleluia.
My mom loves this one - salty fish fried rice. The salty fish was in abundance, but the lack of quality control really shines with this dish, along with the rice. 
A chunk of the the lettuce core. was found on the side.  It was the first time I'd seen a chunk this big....figured any chef that cared about plating would have probably not left this in the prep.  Maybe he thinks he's still working in the food court.  Other than the lettuce chunk, the fried rice was alright. 
Lots of meat, but not much flavour here.  And barely any green onions to speak of. 

I tried their baked seafood on rice, and it wasn't too bad, but on a comparison scale, even Happy Date can do this dish better.

The service was about on par with any shop you can see at Parker Place food court, and the prices are slightly inflated over the food court, but that's to be expected.  Besides the collosally stupid name, the place was okay, passable at best.  Would I go back?  Mmmm...probably not, especially when Alleluia is only a few minutes away.

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  1. Peter! You're back! :)
    Yea, The One is the same one (haha) from Parker Place. I used to go to the food court one a lot for breakfast but not since it moved because it got a lot more expensive and breakfast hours are restricted now. they have really good hot milk tea there too! I don't really care for their non breakfast food though.

  2. Hey Janice,

    It's 2am, and you're up reading my blog? Haha! Yeah, I've been working two jobs non-stop (seriously - weekdays for my full-time job, and weekends for my second job) since the beginning of October and I just got some breathing room to catch up on my so-called food blog, haha!

    Anyway, thanks for reading still! I bet you've been posting like crazy. I've barely touched my blog and barely read anyone else's...hope to do a little catch-up during the holidays, but then it will be back to the grind in January and I'll be hammered with work till March. Hopefully I can do a few posts here and there, and read others as well :)


  3. I'm still reading too :)
    I know what you mean about the milk tea. The sad thing is a family friend told me the HK style milk tea is awesome there ("the best in Richmond" were her exact words), but I would call it the worst in Richmond.


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