Sunday, January 2, 2011

Food Company (Lumingchun) - Yaohan

The Food Court tour continues with a place called Lumingchun, another shop at the Yaohan food court that produces some pretty decent grub, in this case steamed buns.  My parents come here when they want something fresh out of the steamer and they don't want to make the frozen variety at home. 

I've had their steamed buns before and they're pretty good, but this day, my dad wanted to try something different, and I have no idea what you call it.  My dad just simply referred to it as rou bing.  How do I describe it in English?  Meat pie?  Well, it's not really a pie, because it's pan fried, but it's got meat in it. 
The "Meat Pie" tasted pretty good actually, but the chili oil made it taste that much better.  I'm not much for spicy food, but this one was really good, and it was perfectly paired (paired....haha, what a fancy word!) with the meat pie.  It wasn't over-the-top spicy so I was able to handle it.   

Lumingchun has probably one of the unimaginative English names I've ever heard of. It's right up there with silly names such as "The Big Crazy". Yes, there's a shop in Richmond called The Big Crazy...what's that supposed to mean anyway? Anyway, despite the name, they make some pretty good food.

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