Saturday, January 1, 2011

Wah Yuen Noodle House - Yaohan

Where does one go on New Year's Day when everything is closed?  You go to a Chinese mall and find that everything is open.  The food court, a continuation of the the tour started with my parents on Christmas day.  There are a lot of decent places to grab a bite to eat at the Yaohan Food Court, and it's probably more authentic than most other food courts.  Whenever I see a Chinese place at say Granville Island, Richmond Centre, Lansdowne or some mall downtown, I shudder when I see what is passed off as "Chinese food" - all weird and wonderful colors, and EVERYTHING is shiny. 
The noodle place always has a crowd hovering around it. 
The boss here handles a lot of the food, supervises his crew, and has one of the loudest voices in the food court.
Not exactly the cleanest place you'll find, but hey, it's tough handling all those orders in a neat and tidy, actually, it's probably impossible and I'm not kidding you when I say food flies out of this place.

My favourite at this place - zha liang.  The Chinese donut in the middle is always crispy and the noodles are always nice and moist.  These guys are made to order, guaranteed to be fresh.  The congee here is pretty good at this place as well, I've never tried the noodles or wontons. 

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  1. You can tell a place doesn't serve authentic Chinese (and Japanese, etc.) when it has the word "Express" in the name.

  2. Haha, thanks for the tip Vince, I'll be sure to remember that!

  3. This place is Buddha Boy's favorite in Yaohan...nothing special or great...just classic street-style HK noodle house food...very classic.

  4. Hey BG,

    Yeah, it's a pretty cool place. I've only been to HK a few times, and yes, definitely makes me think of HK. Plus the food is good and cheap!


  5. Hi Peter!

    I like how you take many pictures and your captions are really entertaining! I love your Yaohan posts! On a indecisive day I just love a good food court with plenty of options to chose from!

  6. Hi mymunchiebox!

    Thanks for reading! Haha, sometimes I get a little creative with my captions and comments, but unfortunately, I only get inspired and passionate in my writing if I either REALLY like the place, or REALLY hate it, haha! When it's in between, my comments relfect my boredom. I'm a terrible writer and sometimes I really struggle with finding something clever to say.....that's why I usually don't, haha!

    Thanks again for reading, and I will check out you blog too!



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