Saturday, January 1, 2011

Shanghai Shanghai - Aberdeen

Now to continue on with the Chinese Food Court theme (see previous post), the other shop I got to sample was Shanghai Shanghai.  I don't know squat about Chinese food so I go with whatever my parents introduce me to...if I like it, that's a different story.  One of the other places my parents like to frequent after their walks is Shanghai Shanghai. 

The shao long bao are made fresh, front, and centre for all to see.

The luo buo shi bing (white radish pastries) were quite large compared to what I've eaten. 

I don't know why I turned them upside down for the photo....they looked really round.
Inside the white radish were coursely shredded, much more so than what I've sampled in the past.  They tasted pretty good though, regardless.
Of course, what Shanghainese meal would be complete without a couple of shao long bao?
These little suckers were packed with soup/liquid pork fat.  And surprisingly delicious for food court food....better than some restaurants I've been to. 
Shie ke huang...I don't have a clue how you'd say it in English.  It's a sweet pastry with sesame seeds on top (duh). 
Inside is just sugar and maybe lard.  I usually have the frozen ones you take home and bake in your toaster oven.  When the sugar melts and leaks out, then caramalizes, it's like heaven.  These ones probably could have spent a bit more time in the oven (for my personal tastes).
Shanghai Shangha is cheap....dirt cheap considering what you get.  I can't say much about the service because my dad went to pick up the food, but I'd definitely want to eat the food from here again....only, I never, ever want to drive through Aberdeen's parking lot again.

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  1. That's because there's always one asshole blocking everyone up at the parking lot waiting for someone to go get their car and leave...even though that person had just left his car to go shopping.

    I think for every second over 30 seconds that you wait for a parking spot, the rent-a-cop comes and starts smashing up your car with a hammer.

  2. Haha, I don't know which parking lot is more frustrating, Yaohan's or Aberdeen's. That whole area is a nighmare.....makes me want to park along River Road and walk in sometimes.

  3. LOL! Buddha Boy complains EVERY TIME we hit Aberdeen...and Public Market...but he hasn't complained about I guess the latter is not as bad!

    This place has some good Shanghai Big Wontons in Soup...mmm...

  4. Haha, you're risking your life ever time you drive through those places, seriously!

    I'll try the Shanghai big wondons in soup next time!




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