Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Flying Beaver - Christmas Break 2010

The Flying Beaver - a little pub near the South Terminal Airport and once a regular hang out when I used to work for an airline.  Many Wednesday nights, we'd head on over there for Wing Night.  Back then, they were 25 cents's now gone up to 45 cents each, and the wings are a hit and miss.  Sometimes they're really good, other times they're a bit off.  Still, despite all this, there are still a lot of people that flock tot he Flying Beaver and pack the place from wall to wall.  
My pals from my other job celebrating the holidays properly - with beer and wings.  From left to right: Kirk, Jay, David, Collin, Leon, and Kenneth.

The Salt and Pepper
Honey Garlic
Red Hot Chili - not edible unless dipped in a bit of ranch
Spicy Thai - actually, not that spicy.
Ranch - the stuff that makes the wings taste that much better.....or on some occasions not that crappy.
Someone's trophy our glory days, it would be 5 times this many by the end of the night.
Our server - Ayako-chan and Kirk.

If someone were to ask why we go the Flying Beaver, I'd probably have to say nostalgia and atmosphere. The service is pretty good most of the time, our server in particular was really good to us.  We use to go for the cheap and tasty wings, but now they're not so cheap and not always tasty, but it's still a nice place to hang out and relax. 


  1. The Thai Chili is my favourite! It used to be my favourite place for wings but I haven't been there for quite a while...

  2. Maybe we should get a couple of other food bloggers together for a wing night?


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